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Step into the world of Kieron Lee, a soulful R&B/EDM singer, songwriter and producer from Birmingham. Debuting with the emotionally resonant track “Letting Go” on a compilation album supporting autism awareness by Anna Kennedy Online. Recognised for his unique sound, he collaborated with J-Rock of Big Brovaz on a stirring rendition of “Baby Boy.”

After a brief hiatus, Kieron returned to the music scene with renewed passion, launching his independent college record label, Kalaset Records. Appointed as an Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online, he became a shining example of talent within the autism spectrum.

The pivotal moment came at Kalaset Records’ launch showcase, where he proudly announced the release of his debut album, “Acronyms,” reaching audiences in over 100+ countries. Kieron’s latest single, “Paradise,” reflects his evolution as an artist and commitment to purposeful music.

Join Kieron Lee on a musical journey where soulful melodies meet meaningful messages. Each note tells a story of passion, resilience, and dedication to positively impacting the world.

 The work I do as an artist and advocate for autism and mental health allows me the opportunity to speak directly to those who are often left without one’s voice. I am a proud ambassador of the national charity Anna Kennedy Online; the charity has reached great heights and has been recognised nationally and globally for raising autism awareness. This role allows me to network and speak to those with similar experiences. My projects will donate some of the proceeds to AKO, supporting vulnerable children and adults with autism.




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